Is my Nintendo Switch patched

If you wanted to utilize emulators, other specialized software or make your Switch capable of running older Nintendo games your only option would be to modify your device.


Any warranty on your Switch gadget could be invalidated if you mod it, and Nintendo could no longer provide maintenance. Using the console might result in an internet use restriction as well. You could even face legal action.

What does Patched Switch mean?

Unfortunately not every Nintendo Switch can be modded. Only several initial releases of the console can be modded. "Patched console" means Nintendo applied a patch on release and console cannot be modded anymore.

Is my Nintendo Switch patched?

Do you wish to know if the Nintendo Switch system has been patched or not? To discover out, use this tool on Online Toolbox to check if Nintendo Switch can be modded.

Your Nintendo Switch console is perhaps too new and has been patched if the prefix of your system doesn't appear on our website. As you think about how you can use and appreciate your console, have this in mind.

Where is the serial number?

If your console is still in its box, you may check the label on the bottom side near the USB type C connector or peek through a hole in the cardboard to see the serial number there.

The serial number of your console may be found on a sticker on the bottom side, next to the USB type C connector, if it has previously been taken out of its box.